“I ordered your books at the last school I worked at and loved them so much!  I have changed schools and am excited that I got approved to order a set for here as well. I’d like to order another 28 …”- Heather – John Stanford Elementary School, Seattle

“The grant awarded to Carnation Elementary allowed us to buy 75 copies of the amazing book, The People of Cascadia, by Heidi Bohan. This book is beautifully written and has many exquisite illustrations and diagrams of the Salish Coast Native Americans and their culture. Heidi’s talent has captured and aided the imagination of the young researchers in my class. The students are obsessed with the books and have begged to take them home over the weekend to continue their research. As an educator it is a blessing to have an educational tool that allows students the opportunity to research, learn, inquire and wonder. The students are now endowed with many new research questions to chase.” “A devoted fan…I use your book every year! I love it!” Elizabeth Wing- 3rd Grade- Carnation Elementary

“One of the best references ever about how the people of the Pacific Northwest lived. Very enlightening.”  Ron Zimmerman- Herbfarm Restaurant

“The People of Cascadia is a beautifully hand-crafted book, Heidi. I’ve especially enjoyed the drawings and have learned much.”  EagleSong

“I just finished reading it and want to express my appreciation and admiration for what you did in that book. You brought together a tremendous amount of information, synthesized it and boiled it down to a concise 1-2 pages on each topic, including detailed drawings & captions. I especially enjoyed your sensitive treatment of the 4 major cultural groups as I am descended from tribes in two of them (upper Chinook & Cowlitz).
Many years ago I was involved in middle school Indian education in Marysville where teachers taught a month-long unit on NW native culture. There was no book like yours at the time so we had to draw together as much info as we could on our own. I hope your work has been adopted into curricula as it surely fills an important niche.
One final thing, your choice of cover art is superb. It draws one into the sense of wonder about people other than one’s own.” Marsha- Gig Harbor

Had the best class class today.  I finally used the tule mate kit I purchased from you about 2 years ago.  I used the tule and I had a bunch of dried cat tail which were much smaller than the tule.  It worked awesome.  The kids loved doing it and they struggled with the sewing {I found that interesting}, but they loved it and they loved the struggle.  They were so proud of their little mats!  It was great.  
PS I push your book whenever I can! Scott

“How could this book not be in every household in Puget Sound; it is so much about our first peoples and their relationships with our landscape, what we should cherish and not want to let go of, what makes us not just another high tech roadside attraction in a made over, everywhere in America place.” Ken Kailing- Land Resource Specialist and author  

“First, and absolutely foremost, thank you, so very, very much, for such an enlightening and enjoyable presentation!  You have somehow managed to successfully incorporate the fun into an educating demonstration.  Personally, I was mesmerized!
 I cannot tell you how much I hope this helps.  I very rarely speak out for things, and will definitely not back things that I don’t believe in, and the book, as well as your inspiring presentation, is something that deserves recognition.” Sandee Okamura