Educator Resources

Line Art worksheets from the book ‘The People of Cascadia’ to be used in conjunction with lessons in the classroom. Educators are given permission to use these worksheets for students, but please do not modify them.

This use is limited to printing out these PDF files for classroom use, and may not be used for publication in any media without written permission (see form below). Poster size versions of many of these drawings are available for purchase.

Pacific Northwest Seasonal Rounds Calendar: Designed to be interpreted in a clockwise manner showing the progression of seasonal harvests throughout the year for most of the region. Below are Seasonal Rounds for specific regions included in my book. PDF

Provided for use in Washington State- ‘Since Time Immemorial’ Curriculum- ‘Giving Thanks’ Lesson- Seasonal Rounds Study Sheets

  • Coast Salish- People of the Salish Sea PDF
  • Wakashan- People of the West Coast PDF
  • Sahaptin- People of the Plateau PDF
  • Chinook- People of the Lower Columbia PDF

Red-Cedar Tree of Life: PDF