Activity Kits for Educators

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Education Activity Kits for the Classroom

Hands-on activities using authentic materials and techniques which can be implemented by educators. These unique activities directly reinforce and complement learning from ‘The People of Cascadia- Pacific Northwest Native American History’ and other curricula. They were designed by Heidi Bohan after many years of experience working in the schools to implement hands-on activities with students using real plant materials, with tools and supplies which closely represent what was traditionally used, yet are easy enough for educators with little training to share with their students.

Cedar Bark Bracelets
Cattail Mats
Northwest Weaving with Wool
Natural Dyes
Supplement: Salish Plank Wall with Cattail Mat insulation

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These kits are themed activities designed for typical class sizes of 25 or more, complete with activity sheets, props and worksheets, along with enough materials, fully prepared and cut to length, for each student to complete an individual project (except for Cedar Plankhouse activity which is designed as group project). Each activity is culturally relevant to tribal communities in the Pacific Northwest and designed to support your social studies curricula with hands-on learning experiences. To learn more.