People of Cascadia Family & Homeschool Kits

People of Cascadia Family & Homeschool Kits

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK; I am planning to offer a reduced version of this kit for the summer, please check back or let me know if you’d like to be contacted when I have options available. 

I am excited to offer these education kits again, with updated and additional activities. I’ve developed these activities over 25 years of working with all ages, and are designed to highlight key elements of culture here in the Pacific Northwest. I have selected activities that have proven successful for educators to implement on their own and provide supplies often difficult to locate. These kits help to fill a gap in educational resources for learning traditional skills at home or in small classes and are geared for elementary to middle-school learners, though adults also enjoy them.

Supplies and worksheets are provided for creating 12 authentic projects from natural materials for two learners, with additional resources for a total of eighteen or more activities with activity worksheets and templates. Cultural context is provided by my book ‘The People of Cascadia- Pacific Northwest Native American History’ included in the kit.

The kit includes an Activity Booklet with detailed instructions and worksheets, supplies for two learners, and ‘The People of Cascadia’ book. Additional supply kits can be ordered in sets of supplies for two.

Supplies are provided for 12 authentic project activities: Natural Pigments & Painted Beads; Pictographs- Rock Art; Parfleches; Cedar Bark Bracelet; Natural Dyes on Wool; Northwest Weaving with Wool; Cattail Mats; Cordage from Fiber I & II; Stone Tools- Knives; Chisels, Spears; Northwest Coast Carving, Totem Pole Designs; Seasonal Rounds Calendar.

Additional Activities include: Plant Pressings; Seasonal Observations; Traditional Snack Plate; Native Plant Teas; Birds Nest Baskets; Summer Shelter Diorama (from Cattail Mats project), more….

Lead times will be quoted at time of order, but typically 14-21 days, so please plan ahead.

People of Cascadia Family/ Homeschool Core Kit: $160; Supplies and materials for two learners; OR one learner and one educator; Activity Book and ‘The People of Cascadia’ book*.

Additional Learners: $80.00– Supplies for the 12 Project Activities; for Two learners**- (only sold with Core Kit)

* ‘The People of Cascadia’ book is an important component of this kit, adding relevance and further information. If you already have one, send me a photo of yours or if it was recent I can confirm from my records, and I’ll refund $25+tax from the core kit pricing. Or, better yet, consider getting it anyway and gifting it to someone!

** In order to keep these kits manageable and viable for me, I am only offering additional sets in increments of 2, Remember that adults enjoy making these too, and gives experience to help in teaching.